Kyoto Guesthouse - The Earthship -

Access Map

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Access method from closest station

When you use the Kyoto municipal management bus
206Systems:Kyoto Station→Kyoto University Mae Getting off.Walk 15minutes

When you use the Keihan train
Kyoto Station Mae→Shitizyou Station→Demachiyanagi Station Getting off.Walk 10minutes

(The other way
Kyoto Station Mae→(JR)Touhukuji Station→(Keihan)Demachiyanagi Station Getting off.Walk 10minutes)

Tourist Facilities

SHIMOGAMO Shrine:Walk15 minutes World heritage
Kyoto GOSYO :Walk15 minutes
GINKAKUZI:Walk25 minutes
YOSIDA Shrine:Walk5 minutes
Kyoto University:Walk5~15 minutes
HEIAN Shrine:Walk25 minutes
CHION Temple:Walk7 minutes