Kyoto Guesthouse - The Earthship -

Room & Facilities


Dormitory Style Rooms

The male dormitory has maximum space for13 people, the female dormitory for 8. Both dorms include shower, toilet, refrigerator and air-condition/heater.

We have no curfew but if you come back later than 10.p.m.
we ask you not t o be too noisy, to turn off the main lights and to be considerate about other guests staying at the dorm.

Private Room

There are 3 private rooms for up to 4 people and 2 private rooms for up to 6 people(2 people will stay at a loft). All rooms include shower and air-condition/heater, toilets are outside on each floor.

Room Facilities

Toilets included in both dorms and one on each floor

Bath rooms include free shampoo, conditioner and body soap

Loft Rooms
Private rooms for 6 people include loft with space for 2 people


Shared Living
the Japanese tatami style living room all people share includes TV, video games, Japanese mangas etc

Communal Kitchen
the furnished kitchen includes several hotplates, cookwares, microwave, refrigerator etc.
Feel free to use basic stuff like oil, salt, sugar etc

Roof Space
There is a terrace on the rooft op from where you have a beautiful view over Kyoto.
Further on sunny days you can use it to hang your laundry.

Washing Machine
We have free laundry service, use of the dryer costs 100\/hour

Bicycle Rental
A lot of famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto are easily accessible by bicycle.
Some say it is the best way to get to know Kyoto. Rental Bicycles cost 500\/day

We offer free internet/Wi-Fi. Feel free to use the PC on the first floor

Bicycle:1Day500Yen 4Units
Towel Lending:100Yen(Bath towel&Face Cloth)
Dryer 1hour:100Yen
Washing machine,Detergent,Hairdryer
Internet,Wi-Fi Free